Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I switched over to tumblr and you can check me out on there.  The link is at the bottom of the page.  I did enjoy writing on here but Tumblr is an up and coming website that is totally awesome and has tons of things to do on there. 

MY tumblr- dontquitonmenow.tumblr.com



Biography of Myself

I was born February 17th; I have three siblings- Stephanie who’s older, Bobby who’s older, and Chris, who’s the youngest of our family.  I was baptized and have made The Eucharist and Reconciliation. I’m an Altar Server at Church.  I played T-Ball and was taught baseball by my Dad and my t-ball coach Josh.  I remember playing catch with my dad every day after he got home from work.  We played on the side of our house.  There is this tree right in the middle of the yard. When I was little I remember the tree being tiny.  Now, years later, the tree is as tall as me. 
                 Then, in 2006, when we got our dog, Lucky, my Dad, Chris, Bobby and Me would play catch together.  Then Bobby and Chris would leave and my Dad and I would play catch together, alone, as the sun went down. Then, when we were almost done, my Dad would crouch down and I would pitch to him.  Or I’d ask him to throw a pop-up or a grounder, and he’d always give me the opposite, teaching me that you have to be ready for anything in baseball.
  I went to a Catholic School for Kindergarten, and then my Mom and Dad decided to switch us to public schools.  So my first year in official Public Elementary School was First Grade.  The summer before First Grade I knew nobody.  Chris was at his T-Ball game, and my Mom met Mrs. M, and she had a baseball-playing daughter, Meredith, and it was her first year at my school too.  Since that day Meredith and I have been best friends, through everything.  
         My first year of organized baseball I was on the Mets with all of my friends. The Coaches pitched to us. I remember that my Dad would throw harder than any coach so we could get used to fastballs.  Now most of us from that team can hit a fastball.  Anyway, we were undefeated that year.   The last game of the season was always against the other team with kids from your school on it. Always.  It became a rivalry.  Meredith and I were always on separate teams (my mom always said it was because they were scared to put two girls on a team) so we were always playing each other.  But I guess in First Grade Meredith and I weren’t as close, it was second grade and later where we were best friends.    But anyway, we won by one run, and I remember jubilantly jumping on the kid who scored the final and winning run.  To this day this kid who was on the team with me, James, and I still talk about that undefeated season.  So far that has to be one of my favorite sports memories ever.
       My second year of baseball, we didn’t do so well.  We won only like 3 games and lost like 15 or something.  But the best part of that season was that when the season ended we went to the coach’s house and played running bases for like a whole day.  Most of us were still in our uni’s and cleats.   It was a pretty fun season.
         My third year was the first year we were evaluated by coaches and “drafted” by our coach.  I later found out that one coach declined to pick me because I was a girl.  And of course, that coach won the World Series that year.   But anyway, the team I was on was incredible.  The game that put us in the WS, this kid TJ hit a grand slam.  I was 9 then.  During the game, we had all made plans to save our water and dump it on the coach after we won.  So we did.  That was the best celebration we ever had.   I have little memories of all of us running out of the dugout and mobbing TJ after the homer.  I remember World Series game 1.  We were down by a lot, and the season didn’t look so good.  But the coach put me in to pitch as the closer to hold it down so we could come and tie it.   But if they got one run it was over.  Everything.   Their best hitter comes up, and first pitch he hits a little blooper to left field.  The Left Fielder Jeffery, dives and the ball squirts out and rolls all the way to the fence.  The hitter was also their fastest, and he’s sprinting around the bases and he scores easily.  Season over.  The worst part was shaking hands with the other team because they were all jumping on each other, yelling “we won!” and making us feel bad.  And ever since that day, in the handshake line,  I always keep a straight face, no matter how much it hurts me to, because I don’t want anyone to have to go through thinking that they suck at baseball just because they didn’t win.   That is why I don’t respect the coach’s son from that year, who by the way goes to my school. 
            That fall, I took part in a Fall League, and for the first time, Meredith, Chris, and I were all on the same team.  And we were the best team in that League by far.  If we had that team in a regular season we’d win easily.   But we didn’t, so we settled for hitting homers.  There was no fence at the park we played at and the boundary was this tree a long ways out there.  A few kids, including Meredith, were able to hit it there.  I never did.  I’m more of a contact hitter.  That’s my excuse.
        In 2010 my team took 3rd. I don’t want to mention anything else about that season because, well frankly, it didn’t go the way I wanted to, starting with the draft.  But anyway, 2010 was easily my 3rd best season.
                   I took part in two league All-Star Games, in 2009 and 2010.  Both games I batted last and played the infield only once.  In 2009 we lost by two runs, but the best part was when you came to bat.  Before the game they had us fill out a sheet with our hobbies, favorite things, etc. and when I batted they read it off and that was the best feeling in the world.  There was only a mic for the game I was in, so everyone heard me.  And when they said “Now Batting: #6 Sarah Major” I swear that was one of, if not the best, moments of my life.  It was incredible.   In 2010, I made the team and batted last, once again.  I went 2-2 with a run scored.  We won 11-0.  All-Star Games are what an individual player strives for, and I proudly wear my ASG hats, with “2009 South a League All-Star” and DG stitched into them. 
              In the 2011 Season, I got into Twitter, using my account to tell people what its like to be a girl playing baseball.  As of today, I have 74 followers, including Gatorade and my personal favorite, @LoMoDimples, MLB Player Logan Morrison’s pet Gorilla.  I also talk to a bunch of people on there.  @Tocaboy1, @oakathletics51, and @jshrags27 are my favorites to talk to.  I’ve met a ton of cool people on Twitter. 
          But in 2011 I also didn’t want to use Twitter at certain times during certain points in my season.  I always had wanted to be on this one coach’s team and I finally got on his team, and I thought ‘Hey We could win with this team’ and I truly believed that. Up until the part when I realized the coach 100% favored his own kid, who, By the way, isn’t all that good at baseball or any sport.  We were the first team to get eliminated.  And now I can’t look at that coach or his son the same way.  Summer was basically over as soon as baseball ended, and I repeatedly stated on Twitter that “Fall Ball can’t come fast enough.”
         At least I’ve always had vacations when baseball ends too early.  My favorite place in the World in Ludington, Michigan, home of the beach and a mean ice-cream place.  I don’t know why, but sitting outside on a bench eating ice cream at the beach with my family is the best place in the world to me. That or my Nana’s cottage in Paw Paw, Michigan.  Our cousins and my family go there every summer.  That place is relaxing. Swimming in the lake then a pontoon ride, and, if we’re lucky, s’mores at the fire pit in front of the house.  
         If you’re wondering if I’ll ever switch to softball, the answer is yes.  I’m not sure when, but it will eventually happen.  And I’m going to anticipate it and take control of the situation, just like I’ve tried to do with everything else in my life.  I’ll take being able to play baseball for another year as a blessing.  And I won’t quit until the very end.  And that’s a promise.


Proverbs 3:5-6
 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him,  and he will make your paths straight.

My Thoughts on Girls Playing Baseball

Of course, I, a girl playing baseball, am going to support the freedom of girls playing “boys'” sports.  But I’m also 100% FOR Boys playing “girls” sports.  And since when are sports segregated based on the higher percent of gender playing each sport?! Yes, you rarely see boys playing softball and girls playing baseball, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any people out there doing that.  People need to clean out their ears and realize that we’re ALL the same. 
              My Mom wants me to stop playing baseball due to the fact that she doesn’t fell like the game is benefiting me, but I know it is.   I am not going to quit until AT LEAST next year.   I’ve been riding my bike every day, getting a lot stronger, building up muscle for the season, and I’m pretty pumped for Fall Ball.   I’ve been doing light throwing and hitting, and I feel the best that I have in a long time.  
              Me biking started with me doing it with my friends this summer. I’d never rode my bike as much as I have.   In fact, just yesterday, I rode my bike 30 minutes straight, up and down hills, without stopping.  I really am ready for this Fall. 
           As for me giving up on baseball, I feel like I’m gonna give it one more year because I feel like if I play one more year I’m gonna win the League Title, which I have watched fall from mine and my teammates’ gloves so many times.  But, one more year.




.500 at Last!

After some A.J. Pierzynski heroics and a gem from Gavin Floyd last night, the White Sox improved to 4-0 against the Boston Red Sox, the top team in the AL East.  After a Jarrod Saltalammacia homer put the Red Sox on top 1-0, Paulie delivered (what else is new?) once again, driving in Juan Pierre with a Sac Fly to left.  Then with Carlos Quentin on 1st and Wakefield the Knuckleballer still in the game, AJ sent an absolute BOMB to Right-Center Field, which put the ChiSox on top 3-1.  Sergio Santos came in and closed the door against the heart of the BoSox lineup, once again proving he is a legitamite MLB Closer. 
                    Today the BoSox send Jon Lester, their All-Star Ace to the mound against Phillip Humber, The White Sox’s best starter so far this season.   Ozzie has stated that Alex Rios will start this weekend to face some lefty pitching, giving Alejandro De Aza a few days rest.   Ozzie also was quoted saying that “When you have good pitching, you’re always going to have a chance,” “That’s what happened today.”  Very true Ozzie.  
                   As I am writing this I am hearing trade talks-  Matt Thornton for Texas SP Derek Holland.  Matt Thornton.  And apparently the Rangers won’t accept unless the Sox give up JOHN DANKS or GAVIN FLOYD too! Earth to Kenny Williams- both of those guys are on hot streaks! Holland is on and off! At least wait  until the end of the season! Sometimes I just don’t get Kenny.  I wonder who does.   I try not to speak badly of anyone in baseball because all jobs in MLB or MiLB or any other league is tough, but it’s just like he doesn’t care about the future of the club.   Trading Teahen, yes good deal.  Edwin Jackson? Maybe.  Getting Zach Stewart and that other pitcher, good deal.  But you Do NOT give up Danks, who’s only 20- something, and Floyd, who just held the best team in the AL to one run! Why Kenny?! Why?  
                 I get the Carlos Quentin trade rumors, but at least keep the guy ’till the end of the season! I mean, come on! I get he’s taking up a big chunk of payroll, but either way you can keep him for the very possible playoff run, and then ask him to take a pay cut! Geez even I know what I’m talking about! I am not even close to being a GM or anything close, but I feel like I know what I’m talking about! I just don’t know.  
            Well, if you read this, thanks for listening to me rant! Go Sox!

Trade Deadline: My View

With all this trade news regarding Edwin Jackson, Mark Teahen, and Colby Rasmus, I thought I should write a blog about the trade deadline and what I think Ken Williams should do to cut payroll.  I like the Mark Teahen/Edwin Jackson trade, but I have a few more ideas. 

Alex Rios, Trayce Thompson, and cash for Hunter Pence and Austin Wates– Hunter Pence is a franchise player, and provides the production that Alex Rios has been missing ever since the White Sox picked him up off of waivers in 2009.  He was supposed to provide stability in the lineup, but he has been inconsistent.

Gavin Floyd, cash, and 2012 2nd round Draft Pick for Ubaldo Jimenez and Chad Bettis-  Ubaldo can learn a lot from Don Cooper, and Chad Bettis is a good prospect.  Gavin Floyd could easily become a #1 Starter in Colorado.  This trade is good for both teams. 

Easily, on paper, these are good trades. But these are just proposals.  And Ken Williams, If you’re reading this, listen to my ideas.


NO Crying in Baseball!

Sometimes baseball, and really anything, breaks your heart. Whether it’s after a loss or a tough pitching outing, you’re gonna get upset. Especially in the playoffs. But one thing I’ve learned and taken to heart over the years is that there is NO crying in baseball. I still remember in ’09 when I almost broke down after the World Series. My mom, seeing that, turned me away from my team and whispered in my ear “you ever cry in baseball you will not play anymore.” Thank you Mom for saying that. Honestly it has given me a different perspective on losing and doing bad: It’s going to happen. To everyone. No matter what you do, you can’t change what’s going to happen.
Since then, I have NEVER cryed in baseball. You hold it in until you get home, and even by then you realize that baseball is only a game. After my season this year I can’t look at my coach the same. He told us he didn’t want to win then screamed at us.
On the bright side, I can look forward to next season. Always


Summer Update

Hey everybody! I just wanted to write this and update you on my summer.  I can only hope that everyone is having a safe, fun, and hopefully hot summer.
                  Even though my season is over, I’ve continued to through with my little brother. I’m teaching him different pitches, like a curve with no arm twisting, a slider (his best pitch), and a change-up.  He’s a good ballplayer.  I’ve been hanging out with friends, golfing, and riding my bike.
                   I try not to think about the two games that we should’ve won that ended our season, but those just stay in the back of your mind.  I am playing Fall baseball, so that will be fun. Fall baseball is a fun thing where you don’t keep track of wins or anything to that matter.  You just focus on fundamentals. That’s why I have played in the Fall League the past three years.  I can’t agonize over the fact that our team was good enough to win everything because there is always next year. Things change but baseball is still there.  Always.
                  I am gonna be at one of the White Sox-Red Sox games at the Cell soon. I’m excited to see (Hopefully) Big Papi, Gonzo, Jacoby Ellsbury, I hope Jon Lester, Carl Crawford, and my personal favorite Red Sox- Dustin Pedroia and Jarod Saltalamacchia.  I’m also going to a lot of Kane County Cougars (A affilate of the Royals) games. Excited to see some prospects play.
               I hope you guys all have a good summer.